Driving short-term sales growth for Arm&Hammer, a brand being suffocated by category powerhouses


It’s hard work being a category also ran.

  • Arm&Hammer is a great product. Unfortunately it lives in a category supporting by Pharmaceutical powerhouses like GSK, and billion dollar brands like Oral B.
  • The brand had become over reliant on 241 deals and needed to fight back.
  • It’s easy with £5m TV spend, it’s a bit different with a five-figure budget.
  • TV – saturated. In-store – dominated. Digital – inundated.

So we looked for ways to reach the consumer in their own home.

We went old school, back to a once popular, and yet always effective medium – the Door Drop. We talked benefits and effectiveness to create desire for the product itself, and targeted affluent early adopters in proximity to stockists. The refreshing feeling that comes from Arm&Hammer was dramatised with a chance to win an exhilarating balloon ride and in keeping with the product's gently refreshing efficacy, prize winners would get to experience the cool, exhilarating rush of cruising through white clouds.

A money-off voucher also helped reinforce re-purchase.

65% went on to purchase

Results were gathered from an e-survey that was sent out to people four weeks after the sample dropped. Data was collected via a promotion included on the leaflet.  Around 4,600 names were captured as a result of the promotion. 95% of people recalled the sample, 85% of people went on to use it, and 65% of the people who received the sample went on to purchase Arm and Hammer. The same creative also ran in-store at local pharmacies in the catchment area. Data showed that, in tandem with the door drop, this led to a 37% increase in sales.

Chris Falconer