GIVING Chambord a ‘reason to drink’ which doubled engagement and hit y-o-y sales targets


When on earth would I drink Chambord?

Awareness isn’t an issue for Chambord – even within a 25-34 year old sweet spot  audience. The challenge lies in relevance and action: knowing when, where and how to consume the product and actually doing it. And yet the opportunity is bigger than ever – with thirsty Brits ‘quaffing’ over 117 million bottles in 2016 alone and an audience that seeks to stand out from the crowd (but not too much).

We needed to make the brand feel relevant and appealing.

We immediately set about understanding what would drive our audience to break the inertia in behaviour: from default Prosecco, to something with a little more ‘je ne sais quoi’. Our audience told us of a penchant for experimentation in the every day – to them, it’s the small things that make the moment more special. Using the insight, combined with their existing attitude – Because? No reason – we developed a philosophy and mindset that our Glamour Magpies could follow. Outfit a bit drab? Zhuzh it up. Furniture not looking chic? Zhuzh it up. And of course, another Prosecco? Why not Zhuzh it up?

Engagement doubled. Sales targets hit.

We launched the campaign across Facebook and Instagram channels through colourful videos, quirky gifs and thumb stopping stills and showed the audience that by adopting the Chambord attitude, even the most menial things in life can be ‘fantastique’.

We doubled engagement, landed relevance and created action, hitting sales targets. 

Chris Falconer