Re-establishing Moet & Chandon’s brand positioning among 6.6m millennials


Moët & Chandon had simply lost it’s premium appeal.

Opulent, style-focused marketing was becoming the category cliché – replicated by competitor champagne brands and the ever growing penchant for Prosecco, even amongst the ‘lux millenial’ audience. This group of buyers simply believed that all sparkling wines were made the same. Our task was to elevate Moët above the new kids on the block, focusing on methods and provenance that were quintessentially Epernesque. 

We needed the brand to act more like ‘one of them’.

But not any one of them - a style icon that our audience would realise said more about them than any other glass of bubbles. Our audience see knowledge as cultural capital, so we fed this thirst, telling the stories of provenance that are bottled up in every vintage. The Moet journey from grape to glass is truly unique, giving us rich storytelling and leading to a platform that ‘Not all bubbles are equal’.

We brought Moet’s contemporary, fresh and premium personality to the fore with a series of content films that highlighted the unique Methode Champenoise. 

Each film brought a particular part of the process to life by matching it with the way we know our audience live their lives: comparing champagne-making to yoga, mindfulness and beauty, we have the brand an empathetic connection, beyond the rational product shots that define a category. 

The campaign performed.

We reached a unique audience of 6.6 million in just four weeks – or 75% of the entire 25-34 year old audience, proving a social campaign can deliver reach as well as traditional broadcast media. What’s more, 45% of these viewers completed the content - 3x the UK average - and we adapted content in real time to optimise results. 

The campaign led to the highest uplift in sales in five years, and significantly increased penetration amongst our target audience.


Chris Falconer