Content is queen,
but audience is king. 

When it comes to creating cut-through content, we look beyond what data tells us. Whilst the analytical opportunities social platforms provide are useful, you only ever see how someone has interacted with your content. You don’t see the bigger picture.


Our ‘Person Behind the Platform’ rule determines our approach, develops our insights, forms our strategy, directs our creativity, and ultimately achieves results.

How we can help solve your brand challenges. 


Working with you, we identify and understand your business problem and then use our Person Behind the Platform process to fully understand your audience. Unlocking the insight that will inform our strategy.


We are experts in storytelling. Consistently pushing the boundaries to ensure your work is the best it can be. A collective of creators – photographers, videographers, animators, copywriters and designers, we are always on the pulse of social to ensure your work stands out.

Social Media

We know social inside out, armed with the knowledge to predict and adopt your social plans. It’s about the big picture, but also about small details. It’s about our passion for social and not being afraid to have those tough conversations, it’s about producing great work that connects you to the person behind the platform.

Paid Media 

We make sure your message gets heard by the right people at the right time. Results driven, we plan paid media that drives cost effective leads and conversions, delivering maximum ROI and true business value.

New Business
Terms & Conditions

Communicator is part of the Captivate Group, an independent group of agencies joined together by connected thinking and big ideas (and the 7th floor of the Tea Building). Working together as well as independently to solve problems for our clients.

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