Savsé. - Never compromise.

The Challenge

To increase awareness and help Savsé Smoothies stand out, while educating the audience on why the brand is genuinely different from competitors and worth paying more for. 

How We Listened

Our primary target audience is females, mid-twenty ‘life maximisers’. They want to make the most of their lives, including health and nutrition, and know that most nutritious smoothies are homemade.  Speaking to our ‘life maximisers’ they told us that they’re crazy busy; with barely any spare time. So, they’re always looking for ways to find balance and want brands that can help make their lives that bit easier. They know that realistically they have to compromise on finding the time to make everything from scratch, but they definitely don’t compromise on taste, quality and nutrition. 

How We Talked

That insight informed our ‘Never Compromise. Always Savse’ campaign, which teaches our audience about Savsé, Smoothies and how they’re as close to homemade as you can get. Our campaign launched with a new brand website and social media campaign focused on Instagram and Facebook to drive reach. We created impactful content designed to empower, inform, and create an emotional connection with our audience. On top of that, our re-targeting paid strategy was designed to increase the depth of messaging with anyone who’s already engaged with our educational content, we then served them with more emotional lifestyle content providing inspiration to achieve the balance they crave, along with healthy recipes and tips from Savsé’s brand ambassador, Miss Nutritionist. 

The Results

The campaign has just launched, so stay tuned for results, but in the meantime visit and our @Savsé on Instagram.