Savsé Smoothies: Squeezing out the unnecessary content.

The Challenge

Adding value to a brand’s social content to differentiate in a cluttered category. Smoothie brands were all saying the same things; shouting similar product benefits and using similar imagery – and Savsé was no different.

They came to us with a social feed that didn’t communicate the USPs and offered very little value to connect with its audience, tasking us to drive awareness and engagement via social.

Our Approach

We knew Savsé had the product credentials to stand out from its competitors, but we needed to communicate that to them in a way that stood out and positioned Savsé as premium to the competition. But understanding why Savsé is good for them wasn’t going to be enough to shift sales. Savsé needed to have stronger relevance within its audience's lives. We had to position Savsé as the product they needed to make their life easier, without sacrificing quality.

Our Solution

Phase 1: Awareness Driving

Focused on product USP’s with multiple pieces of content to target different audiences on Facebook & Instagram to determine which resonated best.


Phase 2: Refining Content to Drive Engagement

Using our learnings from phase 1 to re-target audience segments with emotionally led content bringing ‘Never Compromise’ into the lifestyle space. Using a collection of educational content that tapped into the values and behaviours of our audience. 

Introducing the newest member of the Savsé range. Protein Passion. A tasty blend of apple, mango, passionfruit, whey protein, coconut and turmeric. Pick up yours for an introductory price of £1.50 at Waitrose.

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Crammed full of Vitamin C, our Super Blue is full of tasty berries, citrus and beetroot to keep your immune system strong and your taste buds happy. #Savsé #Smoothie #ColdPress 

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What a lovely bunch of… smoothies. Grab your coconut-filled Savsé Protein Punch today for #NationalCoconutDay.

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Post-bank holiday blues? Or the start of a short week? Grab a Super Green for a good dose of Vitamin C to start the week off positively.

#Savsé #Smoothie #ColdPress #NeverHeated 

#ShortWeek #BankHoliday #VitaminC

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Start of strawberry season? There’s never been a better time to sip on a Super Red smoothie. A delicious dose of Vitamin C in a blend of strawberry, orange, celery and kale. #Savse #NeverCompromise #Smoothies 

#Smoothie #HPP #ColdPressed #Strawberries

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Who has mango, passion fruit, orange, carrot, celery, apple and lemon all in their fridge? Pick up a Super Orange, the easiest way to get the goodness of homemade but on the go.

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