What makes a Communicator?

What makes a Communicator? A lot of coffee? Being able to quote Peep Show at any opportunity? A childlike sense of wonder? Sure, all of that plays a part, but there’s more to it. It’s the mish-mash of backgrounds and skill sets, mixed with a passion to go beyond a desk-based approach and get the right message to the right people.


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Where Danielle gets her falafels

From the falafel guy near Shoreditch High Street station. Good portions and even better falafels.

Screenshot 2020-09-03 at 17.41.59.png

How Kojo likes

to unwind on

a Friday

Kojo can’t turn down a good burger

or trip to Nandos for his end of week lunch followed by a few scoops at Simmons bar. 

Where Ali has a pizza party

Roma pizza for amazing thin crust at just a 5 pounds a pop

Where we spend Fridays with the Captivate team

As a group we like to hang out at the Owl & Pussycat and have a couple of drinks and catch up after a week of creating great work.


Where Andy gets competitive

After work Andy will be found on the power league pitches for a game of mixed football with the rest of the group, followed by a quick scoop down the owl and pussycat.


Where Amy gets

a pamper

Shoreditch Nails to get her nails fixed with the coolest nail art feat. cocktails in pretty glasses - what more could you want! 

Where Nicole gets her Friday treats

TT Liquor is her favourite place for a cocktail (great negronis!) and she can also never say no to a cheeky Friday lunchtime donut from Crosstown on Brick Lane!


Where Hannah lets off some steam

The Foundry at Old Street have the best lunchtime Strongman classes. Quoted "The toughest workout in the City!" Think log pressing, sled dragging, prowler pushing, and the dreaded Atlas Stones....


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Communicator is part of the Captivate Group, an independent group of agencies joined together by connected thinking and big ideas (and the 7th floor of the Tea Building). Working together as well as independently to solve problems for our clients.

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