Danielle Smith

Managing Director

A Canadian native, but London at heart; you’ll probably find Danielle at the newest brunch spot in town, either that or she’s probably off exploring the world.

Dan Noctor

Creative Director

Meet Dan, our fearless creative leader. Outside of creating beautiful work you’ll find him behind a camera snapping architecture or getting stuck into some sci-fi.

Chloe Ellis

Group Head of Strategy

Outside of preaching the importance of strategy as the driver of creativity, you can find Chloe hitting the pads or staying zen with some yoga – life’s all about balance, you know?

Neil van Ginsburg

Group Business Development Directory

Eater of big lunches, and in some cases double lunches, Neil loves The Arsenal almost as much as he loves pizza. Just Arsenal can be a little more disappointing….

Andrew Southcott

Group Head of Finance

As our Head of Finance, we assumed Andy spends his spare time counting, adding and subtracting, but actually he likes to watch rugby and salivate over Range Rovers – who knew?

Sean Kelly


Sean likes reading, paella and shower beers (not all at once) and considers himself copywriting’s equivalent to Dennis Bergkamp – we don’t know what that means either…

Heber Ramos


Meet our favourite Brazilian, Heber. If it wasn’t annoying enough that he’s an incredibly talented designer and has a very cute dog, he’s also a touring drummer – what a life!

Alice Balfour

Account Executive

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Laura Barns

Social Media Manager

Laura’s our resident vegan, Brummie and Ribena enthusiast. Outside of the 9-5 you’ll probably find her watching terrible horror films, drinking terrible cocktails and travelling on the (terrible) Central Line.