Jack Daniel’s Premix - On-the-go occasion

The Challenge

To raise awareness of the new Jack Daniel’s Premix range and increase relevance with the 18-24-year-old target audience on a very tight budget.

How We Listened

Through social listening we identified two ‘on-the-go’ moments – BBQs and festivals. Social posts about BBQs had increased YOY by a massive 287% and the festival and concert market continues to grow and is estimated to be worth £2,459 million.But the major learning was anything posted about these occasions was mainly focussed on friends enjoying these moments together. And thanks to Jack’s strong heritage in both these areas, we could join the conversation in a completely authentic way which was relevant to our target audience.

How We Talked

We wanted Jack Daniel’s Premix to be more than just a way to take Jack ‘on-the-go’. So, by using influencers as well as paid and organic social, we showed our audience how Jack’s Premix range can help them maximise time with friends; by linking Premix to relevant moments in their lives. From planning a BBQ at home or in the park, to festival outfit recommendations, Instagram was the channel of choice; delivering higher volumes of BBQ and festival conversations than other platforms. 

To reinforce our BBQ connection, we partnered with Ginger Pig to hold a competition via social and eCRM to win the ultimate Jack Daniel’s cookout; a unique Jack Daniel’s BBQ experience for up to 10 friends. 

The Results

So far so good. Our campaign just launched, so check back soon for the full results.