Jack Honey

Jack Daniel’s wanted to raise awareness of Jack Honey, reaching new audiences outside of their usual demographic. To help this happen, we needed to bring the product benefits to life, showing our audience how and when to drink. With our sister agency, CONNECTS we created a content series showcasing  how influencers unwind, kick back and enjoy Jack Honey over ice. We wanted to give influencers the chance to showcase a side of their character that they aren’t typically known for – a new passion or hobby that would be surprising to their followers – all whilst educating their audience on the best way to drink Jack Honey.

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The Challenge 

Jack Honey is different than the other expressions in the Jack Daniel’s portfolio of brands – it’s a bit more relaxed, laid back and the taste is smooth and approachable – perfect for a new audience of whiskey drinkers. Our challenge was to emphasise the kick back nature of Jack Honey to new audiences, whilst educating them around the perfect serve – over ice.

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How we listened

Our target audience of 19-24 year olds live incredibly busy lives. They are always on the move, diaries always full – but what about the downtime? Our audience looks to influencers for inspiration around their passion points, but what often doesn’t get talked about in this increasingly busy world, is the importance of taking time out to really relax and unwind. Those moments when we kick back is the perfect time to enjoy a glass of Jack Honey over ice.

How we talked

We partnered with our sister-agency CONNECTS, to create an owned, earned and paid approach for working with influencers. This two pronged approach meant we could showcase the kick back attitude of our hand-picked influencers, and allow Jack Honey to tap into new audiences. Each chosen influencer created a series of content showcasing a different side to them that their followers don’t normally get to see. From The Boy Who Bakes (@theboywhobakes) showing his love for pottery making, to Olympic snowboarder Billy Morgan (@billy_morgman) giving his audience a peak into his at home ice cream making, to pop artist Fleur East (@fleureast) showing how she kicks back with her girls and plays board games, all whilst kicking back with Jack Honey and opening up the conversation around the importance of relaxing. Each of our influencers were selected from varied backgrounds, with different passion points and interests to raise awareness of Jack Honey in different moments and new audiences. 



The core objective was to drive awareness and reach to new audiences, whilst educating on the Honey serve.Using six unique influencers and their innovative content, we drove 3.8M campaign impressions, with minimal media spend.

In addition to revealing a new side of the chosen influencers, we broke new ground and allowed Jack Honey to be visible and front of mind for new audiences.

The kick back content series drove a 7.9% engagement rate across earned content (Industry competitors at this time only managed 2.2%) and 5.2% engagement on owned content, which is an increase from the norm at 2.3%.

As a result of our communal success, acquaintances turned into relationships and the influencers who worked on this campaign have now been transformed into friends of Jack – a permanent extension of their team after the activation received a 100% positive sentiment. Those results call for some Jack Honey over ice.