Jack Daniel's - a 20 year relationship


A happy marriage

The background

We’re all about building meaningful relationships, whether that’s with brands or audiences, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with Jack. We’ve been together now for over 25 years; still pushing ourselves, and giving the same levels of passion and commitment to every single brief we receive.

So, what have we done over those 20+ years and why’s it been so successful?

Taking the long view

All those years ago, when we started the Jack Daniel’s CRM programme, no one even knew what that was. But when we were left with a list of a few thousand customers from a promotion, we knew we could take this data and really build a relationship with them. That’s how one of the UK’s longest running and most successful CRM programmes began.

As times have changed, this has spread across digital and social channels, but we haven’t used technology for the sake of it. We’ve always developed in a way which will continue to connect us to the audience. That means taking the long view. We focus on engaging and influencing audiences by telling them genuine brand stories and product truths, rather than just trying to force a sale. It’s important for a brand like Jack, with clear values and a distinct personality to shape a consistent tone of voice.

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