Jack Daniel’s – Honey influencers


How to live the

sweet life

The challenge

Raise awareness of Jack Honey, and bring the product benefits to life, showing our audience how and when to drink.

How we listened

Our target audience of 19-24 year olds live incredibly busy lives – but what about their downtime? Our audience looks to influencers for inspiration around their passions, but what usually doesn’t get talked about is the importance of taking time out to really relax and unwind. And it’s those moments which are perfect for a glass of Jack Honey over ice.

How we talked

We partnered with our sister-agency CONNECTS, to create an owned, earned and paid approach for working with influencers. We wanted to show followers a different side to each influencer, all while kicking back with Jack Honey and opening up the conversation around the importance of taking quality time out. Our influencers were selected from varied backgrounds, with different passions and interests to raise awareness of Jack Honey in different moments and to new audiences.

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Engagement rate across earned content


industry competitors at this time only managed 2.2%

Campaign impressions


Me, my girls and Jack. How do you kick back? #KickBackwithJackHoney#JackHoney #ad

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When we do picnics we do it right! Homemade scotch eggs, scones and a wicker basket full of cookies, the best way to kick back this summer...


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One more from that @jackdaniels_uk session. Kicking back with Jack Honey and @airzyboy_laughing at my combover. #JackHoney#KickBackWithJackHoney #ad

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