Gentleman Jack - We know just the fella.

Looking for a


The Challenge

Drive awareness and put Gentleman Jack on the radar of 25-34-year-old Jack Daniel’s drinkers looking to trade up.

How we listened

After looking at consumer research and speaking to our audience, we found that young men wanted to explore more premium drinks and be seen as discerning, but they didn’t know which brand to choose. We called this ‘fledging connoisseurship’. We saw a chance for Jack to be their ‘trusted friend on this journey; as traditional male rites of passage and ‘life education’ had changed, with guidance no longer available to them.

How we talked

We created ‘The Order of Gentleman’. This meant choosing successful young entrepreneurs as figureheads who shared our values, and had skills or knowledge in areas of interest for our audience. And by always focusing on craft, we helped support the premium position of Gentleman Jack. This all came to life on social and CRM with help from Shortlist magazine for additional reach. This gave us content which was highly shareable and really valuable to our audience.

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YOY Growth

their best Christmas trading period ever


Brand Awareness

increase vs 4% target

New Business
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