The pick of the bunch: Launching Jack Apple 

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We worked with Jack Daniel’s to launch their newest flavoured whiskey, Jack Apple, in UK and Ireland.


Our brief was two-fold; to convince dedicated Jack Daniel’s fans that Jack Apple was made with the same smooth, charcoal mellowed whiskey they love, but with the refreshing twist of fresh, green apples. Followed up by leveraging Jack Apple’s refreshing taste to recruit a new generation of Jack drinkers.


Our launch focused on Facebook, Instagram and Jack’s CRM database, educating our audience on the most refreshing way of enjoying the product and where to purchase online. Creative was tailored to each of the two audience segments, our Jack Loyalists and our Flavour Seekers, to ensure we overcame each of their potential challenges.


More to come on this exciting campaign soon, so keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting developments of our Jack Apple launch on @jackdaniels_uk on Instagram.   

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