Our purpose became clear. How can we help our audience get little upgrades in their day-to-day? So, we offered them not just a reason to drink Chambord, but an attitude.

‘Zhuzh It Up’ was born. Chambord’s mantra for life’s little upgrades. We created a series of videos and short-form content for Facebook & Instagram that showed how our audience can embrace the upgrade in a fun and quirky moments and enjoy a little Chambord along the way.

Turning ATL creative into thumb-stopping social

Convert strong Chambord brand awareness into contextual relevance and sales. Chambord’s ATL campaign had driven high levels of awareness, but the social was just a repetition of the TV spots and was doing little to educate consumers on what they needed to know – when and how to drink.

Forget the normal approach of ‘here’s a new way to drink our brand’. To find out what made our audience tick, we looked beyond the data and got into the soul of our drinkers `(by partying with lots of them!), and found what they really wanted.  


They are ‘normal’ girls who didn’t want to change the world, simply they wanted a bit of an upgrade in their life once in a while.

The Challenge

Our Approach

Our Solution

Un, find your fizz. Deux, add the black raspberry treat. Viola! The Chambord Royale has arrived.

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If the wine sparkles, you can call on Lady Chambord to Zhuzh It Up. Regarde the Chambord Royale!

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How does one Zhuzh It Up? Find your fizz, add lady Chambord and sneak the raspberry to finish. Voila!

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Chambord, meet the Spritz. It’s a summer match made in heaven! #ChambordSpritz

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The holiday season may be over, but the tipple of the summer can still be sipped! Clink-Clink with the Chambord Royale, ma cherie.

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When the weekend is close there is only one thing to do mon petite chou, Zhuzh it up with the Chambord Royale.

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