Arm & Hammer

The challenge

The toothpaste market is dominated by the big players, so Arm & Hammer needed an impactful way to deliver awareness and trial with 25-54 y/o premium brand consumers.

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How we listened

Research showed that consumers can find Arm & Hammer’s unique taste and baking soda texture a little odd at first, but after a while often grow to love it. So, not only was trial essential, it was also vital that we deliver it in a way which actively encouraged extended usage.

We also believed that it was important to look beyond trial and first sale and to take the opportunity to start a relationship with our target audience. 


How we talked  

We put Arm & Hammer directly into consumers’ homes and into their bathrooms; encouraging repeated trial over a 4-5 day period, delivering a highly targeted door drop with a sample and a data collection promotion to provide future relationship opportunities.

Arm & Hammer stands out. Its vastly different from traditional toothpastes, so our creative needed do the same. Stand out, be bold, be different. Make the idea of brushing your teeth with something slightly unconventional fun, not a chore. 

Our door drop played on A&H’s uniqueness and drove trialists to build a love for the brand. This was supported by in-store digital media to provide an additional reminder to buy at point of purchase.



Our creative definitely stood out - 94% of recipients recalled the sample, 95% of those who recalled it tried it and 84% of trialists rated it as excellent. Our in-store communications drove a 37% increase in sales and our creative has been heralded as best practice for the brand. We were also proud to win an IPA Effectiveness Award for the campaign.