Communicator is a consumer engagement agency that starts and builds relationships.


We help brands create, develop and strengthen emotional connections with consumers across social, crm, web, DM and more.

It's a formula that's helped grow some of the world’s best brands.

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A  relationship that's lasted over twenty years.


Connecting a premium brand with millennials. 


Delivering sales. Quickly.


We believe brands are stronger when they Think Human.


We use the principles of human nature to build stronger audience relationships.

Our brand planning process ensures the brands we curate adhere to the laws of attraction to develop character, confidence, allure, self awareness and self reflection - it’s about much more than archetypal platitudes - it’s about making attractive brands that appeal to more human beings than ever before.


We exist to

Fight The Familiar.


As humans we’re more comfortable making decisions based on a desire to fit in, rather than stand out. But in an industry where price is everything and commoditisation is commonplace, that ‘allure of comfort’ can sabotage growth.

Communicator is an agency for people who reject this - people who know that to stand out we have to challenge ourselves to think harder, push beyond the obvious solution and produce work that works. 

Our work forces reassessment, builds brands and sells - every single day.


We don't hire people who just want to get the job done.


We hire hungry people who get annoyed by bad work and want to make it better. Energetic people who love to come to work every day and make a difference for their clients. 


Smart people who will question their clients if they think they can give a better brief, or are focusing on the wrong objective. Nice people who believe the agency’s role is to make their clients lives easier. In short, people who actually care.


Chris Falconer


Managing Director

A passionate marketer, driven by doing work that outperforms for client and agency, Chris’ career has seen him work in almost all aspects of the marketing mix. It gives an approach that is objective led, not channel led, and a thirst to ask questions that lead to better answers. When he’s not trying to build the best agency in the world, Chris loves to spend time with his family: he has a wife, two boys and a sourdough starter called Wayne.


Danielle Smith

Client Services Director

With over 10 years of experience leading outstanding teams for world class brands such as McDonald’s, Coke Cola, Jack Daniel’s and Heineken, Danielle's energy and drive to produce award winning campaigns for her clients is matched only by her enthusiasm for curating strong relationships. Danielle treats every clients business like it’s her own and drives this mentality throughout the agency.


Chloe Ellis

Chief Strategy Officer

Chloe has no idea where the time has gone during her 17-year marketing career. Well for a start it’s gone into developing some kick-ass strategies for a whole host of big name brands especially in alcohol and FMCG areas. That’s because Chloe’s thing is understanding and uncovering the ‘why’ behind brands. Identifying those key insights that drive incisive engagement and inspire creativity.